1. Help! My daughter has an official visit to USNA in a week and I think she should wear a pant suit the first day, dress pants and a basic (classic) button shirt the other two days. She had picked out “skinny” dress pants. Both her Dad and I were in the Navy and our feeling is she should look the part. She has been invited by the women’s rowing coach.

    Thank you!


    • First, congratulations to your daughter. An official invite is a big deal. It means everyone’s serious. Now, your daughter won’t be thrilled with me, but I think you’re right. Looking the part makes the job of ‘selling’ herself easier. She very well may need no help because of other stellar qualifications, but who knows who she’s competing against?

      Having said that, if she insists on dressing as she wants, she’ll be fine. ‘Non-serious’ clothes will not make or break her application. That will be based on lots of factors.

      Good luck! what an exciting time.


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