Adopt a Soldier

Army Officer Candidate School

Brief Points–Parents Guide to USNA

Building a Midshipman--How to Crack the USNA Application

Carrier Locations

Disabled American Vets

DOD Live (blog)


FAS–Federation of American Scientists– nonpartisan technical analysis on complex global issues that hinge on science and technology

Global Security

Hometown Annapolis

Information Dissemination

Jane’s–the authority on all things military

Marine Corps OCS

Marine — Where in the world are US Navy ships

Military Pets Foster Project

Naval Academy Prep School

Naval Air Museum

Navy LIve–official US Navy Blog

Navy News about Specific Warships

Type; replace cg52 with the designation of the ship you’re interested in

Naval Technology


Reading List–from the Commandant of the Marine Corps

Reef Points–Midshipman Guide to USNA

Service Academy Forums

Special Forces Talk Radio

US Air Force

US Air Force Pictures

US Coast Guard

US Air National Guard

US Army

US Marines


US Military Academy Prep School

US Military Education and Training

US Navy Official Website

US Navy Schools and Training

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation

USNA Homepage

USNA Parents

USNA YouVersity–YouTube videos about USNA


US Pacific Command Blog

War News Updates

Workbook on Becoming a Midshipman

World Military Forum

Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors Resource Site

Yankee Sailor--the prequel


  1. […] USNA/USN Resource Sites […]


  2. […] USNA/USN Resource Sites […]


  3. Wow! What a fantastic blog. We would love to exchange real estate on our partner’s page in exchange for a note about us on here. I think there are many readers who could be well served by reading both these blogs.


    • You have great materials for the high schoolers who read my blog. I’ve already added you to the blogroll and will do so on this resource list also. I’d love if you added me to your blog resources also.



      • Sounds great–we definitely want our high schoolers to find your site. Surprisingly, we do have many teens in HS reading our blog and already planning ahead to a Marine officer career. USNA is a great option. If you have a preferred logo for the page I linked above, please email or send it over. Otherwise we’ll just grab your header image.


      • I emailed it. If it gets caught in spam, it’s in the right sidebar–the USNA button that says ‘copy me’. Thanks!


  4. […] USNA/USN Resource Sites […]


  5. […] Adopt a Soldier A Journalist Covers the War Army Officer Candidate School Brief Points–Parents Guide to USNA Building a Midshipman–How to Crack the USNA Application Carrier Locations Disabled Ame…  […]


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  7. […] Resources […]


  8. Do you know if contact lenses are allowed at USNA? Or only allowed after Plebe Summer?


    • Yes, Not during Plebe Summer, but afterwards is fine. No eye surgery (to correct vision) though!


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