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  1. Hello, I’m a sophomore in Louisiana and I have always had a deep passion and appreciation for our service members! I’ve always known I wanted to be in the armed services but after I came across the Naval Academy I was immediately hooked! I love your blog, i’m currentley in the process of reading all of your posts. I haven’t come across any other website or blog that gives a better insight on the challenges and struggles of being excepted, working through, and ultimately graduating from a service academy. I am looking into purchasing your book, and I look forward to more posts in the future. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of attending USNA!


    • My pleasure, David. You’re at the exact right age to get into the USNA application process. I wish you the best of luck!


      • Hi, my names David and I’ve commented on your website before. I was just wondering if there was any type of meet and greet event with USNA midshipmen, that I could go to, because unfortunately my school district doesn’t have an Academy Night. Thank you again for all of your advice, this is the only website/blog I have come upon that gives an inside look into the application process! I enjoy reading all of your posts and look forward to more coming!


      • Can you check with your Congressman? He’ll have a committee that makes his recommendation selections and they may sponsor it. In fact, lots of the Academy Nights are put on my Congresspeople rather than school districts. Next, I’d check with your Blue and Gold Officer. S/he will be easier to find at the Academy Night, so I’ll cross my fingers that will work out for you.Let me know!


  2. Jacqui,

    I stumbled across you blog by accident and I am glad I did. You may have some insight that i have not been able to find. I am a Senior, with a complete application, Congressional Nomination, and academically qualified, but I have a DODMERB DQ letter. The DQ is the result of a sports injury sustained during wrestling. We have seen specialists, and have letters from all the doctors, trainers, and teachers as it relates to my recovery and academics, but DODMERB still show me as DQ’ed. There seems to be so little info for fighting DODMERB with Medical issues. Do you have any advice?


    • Hi James–DODMERB issues are tricky. I know lots of people who have had some sort of health problem that results in a DQ. Your B&G officer is your best resource on this as s/he knows intimately why you were disqualified and what the options are. If it’s something permanent that puts you outside of the physical/health requirements, it probably can’t be solved.

      That being said, often, they are issues that can be handled by addressing specifically why you got the DQ and disproving or fixing it. That tenacity worked in one case I know of (the Navy misunderstood the health issue and when it became clear, they changed the status–the B&G officer helped a lot with that). In another case, a friend had a wrestling injury that DQ’d him, but only because he wasn’t healed in time for acceptance. The solution was to reapply when he had healed, which meant the next year. That worked; he was accepted.

      I hope that helps. Good luck! It’s a wonderful journey.


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