To Do List

DSCN2351Here’s a list of what must be done each month to get you into USNA. We’re not kidding–do everything on the list, no matter how long it takes. If you do–and follow the directions in the ‘Featured Posts’–you’ll be much more likely to get into USNA. The Naval Academy wants to know you’ll work harder than you think possible to get in, because you’ll have to work at least that hard to stay in and to fulfill your obligations after you graduate.

You ready? , select the month, and get going.


  1. EXCELLENT month-by-month program! Read and heed if you plan to apply.


  2. How DID you guess? 🙂


    Bet you didn’t know anybody my age could do this stuff.


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  5. […] USNA To Do List […]


  6. […] To Do List […]


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