Posted by: Jacqui Murray | April 8, 2011

Who is That Old Walmart Greeter?

You just have to appreciate this one. Young people forget that these old people had a career before they retired. Thanks to Troutbirder for sharing this:

walmart greeter

Your WalMart greeter had a career before WalMart--Photo credit: OC Register


Charley, a new retiree-greeter at Wal-Mart, just couldn’t seem to get to work on time.

Every day he was 5, 10, 15 minutes late. But he was a good worker, really tidy, clean-shaven,
sharp-minded and a real credit to the company and obviously demonstrating their “older Person
Friendly” policies.

One day the boss called him into the office for a talk. “Charley, I have to tell you, I like your work
ethic, you do a bang-up job, but you’re being late so often is quite bothersome.” “Yes, I know
boss, and I am working on it.” “Well good, you are a team player. That’s what I like to hear.

It’s odd though your coming in late. I know you’re retired from the Armed Forces. What did they
say if you came in late there?”

“They said, “Good morning, Admiral, can I get your coffee, sir?”

walmart greeter

Who is your WalMart greeter?



  1. LOL!….Not much of a real motivator for joining the Navy if after retiring as a Admiral he had a need to work as a greeter!

    • I read it as a way to stay connected to people. Lots of older people don’t have much outside of their homes and this guy–God bless him–reached out. Of course, maybe it’s my rose colored glasses.

  2. I find this very hard to believe and would love to know who’s pulling my leg. Does the greeter have a name? Admiral who?

    • Hi Dr. Lewin

      I got the story from Orange County Register. Actually, it sounds real to me. An aging Admiral would definitely want to keep busy. What part did you consider unbelievable?

      • I read this same story in the Reader’s Digest in their true joke column. I believe these stories are verified by them. I agree with Jacqui. It’s not hard to believe. This is from one on active duty in the Navy for over 20 years and getting ready to retire in a couple months!

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  4. Cloud Dancer wrote:


    Nothing on Snopes.

    However, since it’s posted all over the web, with and without pictures of the “Admiral/Greeter” which vary from post-to-post, it would seem to be just a JOKE…with no basis in fact!!!

    On some versions, they just post pictures of an Admiral’s hat so as not to offend a REAL Admiral.

    The Admiral pictured in this “joke” is Admiral Robert F. Willard who is the CURRENT, active duty, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command.

    Though he looks like a nice, down-to-earth guy, somehow I don’t think an active duty United States four-star officer would be real amused at being portrayed as a WalMart greeter. I think the USN would be even less amused.

    United States Navy Biography – Admiral Robert F. Willard

    The image on the “joke” was his 2007 “Official Portrait”

  5. I can’t find anything on Admiral Robert F. Willard’s 2007 “official portrait.” And the pictures I could find of him didn’t look like the Admiral in the story.

  6. I think it’s just a ” feel good story ” that one enjoys receiving and forwarding to friends . I did !

    • It makes me take a second look at all the elders doing high schooler jobs. There are a lot of reasons for that, regardless their background.

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  8. Baloney – Flag Officers just do not do this. I have worked on many staffs of 3 & 4 star generals. they retire and collect 6 figure retirement pay, they serve on advisory boards for active flag officers, the get on boards of directors for large contractor corporations like KBR, Lockheed, NGC, SAIC, etc etc. This does not pass the smell test

    • When I posted this story, I didn’t realize there was such a widespread argument over its authenticity. I like the fact that ‘it could be’, but then, I write fiction as well as fact.

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  10. […] Who is That Old Walmart Greeter?–surprised me. There are lots of opinions out there about this old guy […]

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