Posted by: Jacqui Murray | April 5, 2010

Join the Navy, See the World–Still True

As true today as when that slogan first came out. I’ll give you an example. If you had selected the USS Bunker Hill, a join the navyTiconderoga class cruiser based in San Diego California, during ship selection night in 2008, here are some of the places you would have visited between January and April 2010:

  • transitted through the Panama Canal, taped by PanCam for your family and friends to see
  • transitted to Haiti to assist relief efforts
  • transitted to Puerto Rico to pick up a sailor–long story. Surprisingly, American cell phones work there
  • passed through the Bermuda Triangle–safely
  • crossed the equator, where Pollywogs (sailors who haven’t yet crossed the equator) become Shellbacks
  • stopped in Rio de Janeiro, site of the 2016 Summer Olympics (instead of Chicago, despite President Obama’s concerted efforts)
  • met Brazilian Mids from the Brazilian Naval school–Escola Naval–and compare stories
  • engaged the Brazilian Navy off the coast of Brazil in ASW (anti-submarine warfare) exercises pitting a Brazilian sub against America’s most advanced Aegis-class cruiser–that’s right, the USS Bunker Hill
  • swam off the coast of Uruguay
  • had Photo ops with the Uruguayan navy
  • spent two weeks aboard a carrier
  • transitted to Tierra del Fuego and around the treacherous tip of South America
  • transitted up the western coast of South America, with a stop in Peru
  • attended a Peruvian beach party
  • swam off the coast of Ecuador–get stung by jellyfish. Now you’ve swum off both sides of South America
  • arrived home to a raucous homecoming (still to come)

Me, I’ve never done anything on the entire list.

How about you?

Here are some of their pictures (be patient–the slideshow takes a few seconds to come up):

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