Posted by: Jacqui Murray | June 6, 2017

Battle Stations!

Today, being D-Day, it’s time to reflect on our military. Here’s an excellent post by Michael Smart, author of the popular Bequia Mystery Series, on his favorite Navy stories:Twenty-Four Days

“Battle Stations…”

By Michael Smart

J. Murray’s just released “Twenty-Four Days” (read my review here), the second novel in the Rowe-Delamagente series, moves much of the action to sea, taking us aboard nuclear submarines and surface combat warships. Murray’s in-depth research and knowledge of the U.S Navy is once again on display in this sequel to “To Hunt a Sub”, providing dramatic authenticity to the edgy science that buoys the plot. Reading the tense battle scenes evoked memory flashes from some of my favorite Navy and submarine stories, placing Murray in pretty lofty company. So I thought I’d share my favorites (in no order of preference) from popular novels, television series, and movies, of which Twenty-Four Days recalled fond memories. Perhaps you know of others you might wish to share and discuss.


Clive Cussler is a truly amazing story teller, and his marine and naval scenes never fails to excite and enthrall. When I open a Dirk Pitt novel I can’t put it down.


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Michael Smart is the author of the Bequia Mystery Series set in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a tropical archipelago in the Eastern Caribbean where Michael lived and sailed for many years.


  1. These are two great book series I’ve known and read for many years – guess I’d best get started on Michael Smart!! Thanks for the heads-up, Jacqui!


    • He’s more of a thriller/mystery writer, but really knows his military books, too.

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      • I read anything except romance.


      • Aren’t you wonderful. I wish I would. I have a few other genres I tend to stay away from–which I won’t name!

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      • I do have to admit I prefer to watch sci-fi rather than read it sometimes – especially when they have names like , Xveyzmus, or something I sure can’t pronounce!!


      • I get complaints about my character names (for my next book–not Twenty-four Days) from everyone in my writing group. Oh well. Hollywood will call and clear it all up.

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