Posted by: Jacqui Murray | February 20, 2017

USNA and Summer STEM

stemSummer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), is a week-long, overnight camp at USNA each June. It is available to students who are currently in the 8th-10th grades.

Here’s information from the USNA website:

Engineering is all about creating, building, and making things better! So what does it take to be an engineer? If you like math and science, you are off to a great start. If you enjoy discovering new things, solving problems, and learning how things work – even better! Creativity, persistence, and the desire to make the world a better place are also important qualities. Becoming an engineer requires hard work and a good education. Our summer program will be a great start to your career in science and engineering.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the USNA Summer STEM Program!

  1. Gain exposure to the number five ‘Best Undergraduate Engineering Program’ in the country, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report.
  2. Spend time in world-class lab facilities that provide a unique learning environment outside the traditional classroom.
  3. Experience real-life application of math and science principles through hands on practical learning.
  4. Meet like-minded students who share a similar interest in technology and engineering.
  5. Because a short time at STEM can inspire a lifetime of learning!!!

Eligibility Requirements

Students must demonstrate superior academic performance to include GPA, class standing, and/or strong PSAT, SAT or ACT results.  Selection is based in large part on ensuring geographic representation along with overall accomplishments in and out of the classroom.

Tuition and Expenses

All students selected to participate will be required to provide a nominal fee of approximately $350 [2014 fees–not sure what they are this year] which will include room and board, meals, as well as a variety of materials. Plan on bringing extra cash for snacks and souvenirs.

Each student is responsible for arranging transportation to and from the Naval Academy. Those flying commercial air should make arrangements to arrive at Baltimore-Washington International airport (BWI) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Day 1 of the program, and depart after 3:00 p.m. on the last day of the program. Buses and midshipmen escorts will be on hand to get you to and from the Academy and BWI.

More information? View the Summer STEM website!


Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, and To Hunt a Sub, her debut thriller. She is an adjunct professor in tech ed, webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a tech columnist for TeachHUB, a program reviewer for CAEP ISTE, and freelance journalist on tech ed topics. She is the parent of a Naval Officer and an Army Sergeant. Currently, she’s editing the sequel to To Hunt a Sub–Twenty-four Days–which should be out this summer.


  1. Hi I am a high school freshman an I am hoping to attend the naval academy. I am well rounded in all three areas. I have all honors classes and a 4.2 weighted and 3.9 unweighted GPA, I am almost an Eagle Scout and hopefully spl of my troop (which is very militaristic and has sent several kids to the academies in the past five years) and I am class president. Also I was on job soccer and varsity swimming. I hope to swim at the academy. However I have mild asthma. It does not affect me at all but I have heard that even having that word in your medical documents can get you disqualified. I am wondering if I have a good chance and if I will need a waiver and what the likelihood of said waiver getting approved is. Thanks.


    • *jv soccer


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