Posted by: Jacqui Murray | August 15, 2016

Navajo Code Talkers Day

Great post on the mysteries of the Code Talkers, well-suited to August 14th, the day we honor these folks.

Pacific Paratrooper


During WWI, the Choctaw language had been used to transmit U.S. military messages. With this thought in mind, Philip Johnston, the son of a missionary grew up on a Navajo reservation and spoke the Diné tongue fluently, brought the suggestion of a similar code to General Clayton Vogel early in 1942. The Diné language has no alphabet, uses no symbols and one sound may hold an entire concept. The idea was tested and proved to be faster and more reliable than the mechanized methods. The language has more verbs than nouns, that helps to move the sentences along and makes it far more difficult for outsiders to learn – making it the most ingenious and successful code in military history.

platoon The 382nd Platoon, USMC

The original class, the 382d Platoon, Navajo Communication Specialists, USMC, developed their code at Camp Pendleton. Once a unit of code talkers were trained, they were…

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  1. [Jacqui, you might want to delete this remark – National Navajo Code Talker’s Day is the 14th, not the 12th]

    • Thanks for that–I’ve updated it.

  2. I thank you, Jacqui, for helping me to bring these men recognition!

    • It’s an amazing story. People need to remember.

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  4. […] Navajo Code Talkers Day […]

  5. […] Navajo Code Talkers Day […]

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