Posted by: Jacqui Murray | January 11, 2016

Talk Like an Ivy Leaguer

Start this as a freshman in High School, because getting into an Ivy League college is not for the faint of heart. I know, on the East Coast, they start in preschool, but we Californians are a bit more laid back. It still works fine, if you’re focused.

How do you ‘act like an Ivy Leaguer’? These are texts from my USNA daughter’s high school friends (from Building a Midshipman):

How do you answer this question?

How do you answer this question?

Kids who dream of a future with USNA may relax in summer, but it’s not going to the beach, living in the mall, playing video games. It’s taking just one class (so they focus their studying). Their vacation away from home is Stanford to take an AP class–to boost their high school GPA. They enroll in a SAT prep class.

Personally, I like it. It’s not for everyone, but the world is facing serious problems. We need focused, educated kids who’ll approach it with energy and commitment. The same way they approach getting into the college of their choice.

PS I bet you’re all curious, which got the most answers. Check out the poll (answer first):

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy. She is webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a tech columnist for TeachHUBEditorial Review Board member for ISTE’s Journal for Computing Teachers, and freelance journalist on tech ed topics. Currently, she’s editing a thriller that should be out next summer.



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