Posted by: Jacqui Murray | October 22, 2015

The Sailor’s Creed: What it Means to be in the Navy

us navyThere’s a guy named Yankee Sailor who blogs about lots of topics dear to the heart of the American Sailor. By the time I discovered his blog, he’d finished with it, but I’ll be picking at it for a while, see what gems of wisdom I can find. Feel free to do the same if I’m too slow for you.

Here’s a discussion he had on the Sailor’s Creed. He goes through several iterations of it, over the years and edited by people along the way, and comes up with this one that suits him. I like it too. See what you think:

I am an American Sailor, and a Warrior First. I Fight under the Red, White and Blue of my Fathers and descend from John Paul Jones and Oliver Hazard Perry. In my ears rings “I have not yet begun to fight” and “don’t give up the ship”, and in my veins flows Fire and Gunpowder. I will master my profession and demand that my fellow Sailors master theirs. I will follow when lead, and Lead when able. I will place nothing above the welfare of my fellow Sailors, save my Mission, and no matter what my ship, squadron, station or watch, I will help deliver Defeat to the Enemy. In this I will not fail. With Honor in my Head, Courage in my Heart, and Commitment in my Hands, I will be a Warrior first, until Victory is in hand and Liberty is secure.



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  2. […] The Sailor’s Creed: What it Means to be in the Navy […]


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