Posted by: Jacqui Murray | January 6, 2014

Korean War – First Hand Story

Here’s what’s in your future when you graduate from USNA

Pacific Paratrooper


It has been some time since a first hand story has been included here, therefore I planned one for #36.  Obviously on the same wave length as I, fellow blogger/Korean War correspondent Rafe Steinberg at:  sent me this story from the New York Times:

Kenneth A. Schechter, 83, Dies; With Help, He Flew Blind 

by Bruce Weber (condensed by gpcox)

On 22 March 1952, Navy pilot, Ensign Schechter, 22, a member of Fighter Squadron 194 (“Yellow Devils”), while flying over Wongsang-ni, North Korea in what was his 27th mission was at the heart of one of the most electrifying air rescues in American history.  An enemy antiaircraft shell exploded in the cockpit of his A-1 Skyraider.  “Instinctively, I pulled back on the stick to gain altitude.  Then I passed out.  When I came to a short time later, I couldn’t see a thing.  There was stinging agony…

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  1. […] Here's what's in your future when you graduate from USNA  […]

  2. I hope the readers of this terrific site not only enjoy, but also learn from this inspiration story. I am honored that you have included my post here.

    • Truly, I could repost so many of your articles. A life filled with lessons for future warriors.

      • All my thoughts and prayers go with them.

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