Posted by: Jacqui Murray | March 14, 2013

Rest in Peace

…from USNA FB page:

This week the Naval Academy family lost three of our alumni in an aircraft accident in Eastern Washington. All three were crew members aboard a Navy EA-6B Prowler jet based in Whidbey Island, Wash. They were killed when the aircraft crashed in an unpopulated area approximately 50 miles west of Spokane while training for a low-level navigation mission. Electronic warfare pilots train to fly low to minimize their exposure to enemy anti-air missile threats.
This tragic loss brings to the forefront a reminder of our dangerous missions in both peacetime and wartime. We’re proud to have called these young officers shipmates and hope you will join us in your thoughts and prayers for their families and loved ones.deaths


  1. We are feeling this deeply at our home, and in our family. My husband spent 12 years at Whidbey flying Prowlers. As a Boat School alumni, and proud supporter of USNA and Mids, our hearts and prayers are with the families of these brave aviators; immediate, extended, and within the squadron, aviation, and Navy families. Fair winds and following seas….


    • I can imagine how you must fell, with ties like that. My heart breaks for them. with a few different turns in my personal history, I would have known them. As it is, I just feel soul sick.


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