Posted by: Jacqui Murray | October 9, 2012

Military Academies–Gangnam Style

USNA started it…

And West Point responded…



  1. I’m a Navy guy, but I think West Point won this one. But, what really stands out to me is that West Point, in the ‘Go Army, Beat Navy” spirit spot, filmed portions of this video in front of Bancroft Hall at the Naval Academy. C’mon, Mids!!!??? How can you let the enemy dance on your campus? Especially for a spirit video to inspire motivation and excitement to beat you in football? Again, Army has won this battle. But, on December 8, Navy will win the war.

    • How can Navy beat soldiers on horses. I mean, that isn’t even fair.

      I’ll never forget seeing a video of a fun Mid Friday night: They’d swallow goldfish live and see who could barf it up–alive. If it was dead, you lost.

      Now tell me that isn’t fun.

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