Posted by: Jacqui Murray | April 14, 2011

Eight American Warriors–Part Seven

…you’ve never heard of.

michael weston

Major Michael Weston in Afghanistan

Major Michael Weston, U.S. Marine Corps & Drug Enforcement Agency (Iraq, Afghanistan)

By all accounts, Weston possessed a brilliant mind — he studied computer science at Stanford and earned a degree from Harvard Law — but he was contemptuous of privileged academia and lives of luxury. After sharing a flight with some Marines in the mid-’90s, he decided to go to boot camp — not the officer pipeline he warranted, but the way of an enlisted grunt.

Eventually, his intelligence and proficiency moved him up to the officer ranks, and he served several tours in Iraq before moving to the DEA and running drug interdiction in Afghanistan. He was killed in a helicopter crash after a drug raid there, but he will always be loved and remembered for thinking that people at Harvard are full of sh*t. (For more on Weston, read this excellent Boston Globe article.)

Bonus Badass Points: “Michael Weston” is also the name of the main character in “Burn Notice.”

8. Lieutenant Colonel Robert Cole, U.S. Army (WWII)

–credit for series to Uproxx

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