Posted by: Jacqui Murray | December 31, 2010

Top 10 Hits and Misses of 2010

Since I started this blog eighteen months ago, I’ve posted 277 articles on everything from how to get into USNA to what to do if you don’t to what the military experience is like. I’ve had 60,101 visitors and almost one hundred subscribers. As with most bloggers, I write what strikes me as important about the military academy experience. I have two children who applied so

top ten

Hits and Misses for 2010

I feel like I know a lot about it and I share that with my readers. There’s no way to tell which articles will grab the blogosphere’s attention and which will be duds. Believe me, if I could figure that out, I’d skip about 15% of my posts and put that time into the others.

In full transparency, I’ll share with you which were hits and which were not. You see if you agree:

Top 10

  1. Eleven Top Naval Battles–drop in on this one and see if you agree with my selections
  2. Get a Congressional Nomination to a Service Academy–I have about 5 posts on the Congressional Nomination. These are all right up at the top of reader’s interest
  3. 50 Reasons to Love the Marine Corps–very funny
  4. Marcus Lutrell Great Quotes: the Lone Survivor–cogent and pithy
  5. 13 Rules to Remember When Using a Gun–also very funny
  6. How to Problem Solve (Critical Skill #1 for Future USNA Applicants)–part of a series on critical skills necessary to get into a military academy
  7. 2011 Blue Angels Announced–America loves the Blue Angels
  8. Ten Top Military Leaders–check this out. Do you agree? I’ve had a few who didn’t
  9. USNA: Blue and Gold Interview–another critical element of the USNA application
  10. USNA/USN Resource Sites–this is a list of resources about USNA and the Navy in general

Bottom 10

Now for the misses (I’m so embarrassed):

  1. Military Quotation Book: Good Resource for Action Writers–I do a series of book reviews, often from the Marine Corps reading list.
  2. Battlefield Promotions Still Happen–Because We’re at War–who knew these still happened
  3. Wednesday Hero: L/Cpl. Joshua Davios–every Wednesday, I post a Wednesday Hero article. This is life after the academy.
  4. Military academy bowl victories shine light on armed forces–USNA and West Point, even USAFA, often have Bowl Games. Their boys may not be the most talented, but they are the toughest
  5. Captured: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in WWII – Plog Photo Blog
  6. Man in the Arena–an amazing piece. Everyone should read this
  7. The US Air Force Plays Santa–the American military is as likely to serve during peacetime as war
  8. Yo Ho Ho, Pirates No Mo’
  9. Eight American Warriors–Part One–this is an eight-part series on amazing heroes throughout history
  10. American Business Supports Our Servicepeople–corporate America offers lots of discounts to our service people

Any thoughts?


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