Posted by: Jacqui Murray | December 9, 2010

Eight American Warriors–Part Three

American warriors you’ve never heard of.

Captain George Mallon, U.S. Army (World War I)George Mallon

World War I is a pretty depressing, stagnant war. I mean, all wars are depressing, but WWI really takes the cake for hopelessness and trench foot and deadly technological advancements (the tank, the machine gun) for which there were no tactical developments. And since the only real results from WWI were the League of Nations and World War II, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the badasses of the original Great War.

Enter George Mallon. On a foggy day in which the limited visibility separated him from his company, he led nine soldiers on an epic assault in which they captured 100 prisoners, 11 machineguns, four 155-millimeter howitzers and one antiaircraft gun. From his Medal of Honor citation:

Continuing on through the woods, he led his men in attacking a battery of four 155-millimeter howitzers, which were in action, rushing the position and capturing the battery and its crew. In this encounter Capt. Mallon personally attacked 1 of the enemy with his fists.

Dude, I couldn’t even bring myself to punch the guy who was standing in a parking place to save it the other day, and that guy deserved a beating WAY worse than some German artilleryman. But it was no big deal for Mallon, who apparently got tired of using complex, impersonal weapons like “knives” and “bayonets” during combat. Nope, don’t mind George, he’s just going to assault this artillery battery with his fists.

4. Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester, Army National Guard (Iraq)

–credit for series to Uproxx

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