Posted by: Jacqui Murray | November 15, 2010

Eight American Warriors–Part One

…you’ve never heard of. This is the first post of eight on this topic:

Major Brian Chontosh, U.S. Marine Corps (Iraq)heroes

I was in the same Basic Officers Course as Chontosh back in 2000, which is kind of like a retarded kid bragging about going to high school with Einstein. Chontosh is a folk hero in the Marine Corps today, but he was a star even as a young lieutenant during peacetime: even though his leadership and academic ranking guaranteed him his career choice as an infantry officer, he selflessly gave up his weekends to help struggling lieutenants improve their land navigation skills.

So it came as no surprise to me a couple years later that he’d won the Navy Cross, the nation’s second-highest honor (the Navy/Marine Corps version of the Distinguished Service Cross). Serving as a platoon commander during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, his platoon became caught in the kill zone of an ambush. Without hesitation, he directed his Humvee directly at the enemy machine gun fire, then dismounted his vehicle and attacked the enemy trench, emptying his M16 and 9mm pistol of ammunition, then twice picking up discarded enemy AK-47s to continue his attack, then picking up an enemy rocket-propelled grenade launcher to finish his counter-assault. He singlehandedly killed 20 Iraqis and wounded several while clearing 200 meters of trench line. Oh, and he also has two Bronze Stars for heroism during other combat tours. NBD.

Bonus Badass Points: Chontosh is one of the premiere CrossFit athletes in America. Watch him casually lift stacks of metal

2.  Colonel Lewis L. Millett, U.S. Army (World War II, Korea)

–credit for series to Uproxx



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