Posted by: Jacqui Murray | June 21, 2010

A Good Book, But You’ll Need More

The Naval Academy Candidate Book:  How to Prepare, How to Get In, How to SurviveI found this a good book, but left out some important steps to the process…

This is a great starter when you are considering the Naval Academy. It provides a solid overview of the Academy, how to prepare, how to get in and then how to survive if you are the less than 10% selected. I found it to be a factual, if dated discussion that covered the broad strokes for those who are considering the Naval Academy. It is written from the perspective of the professors at the Academy (their advice to wanna-bes) and students who have attended.

The reason I only gave it a three was for what wasn’t in it–problems faced in the application process, how to get past roadblocks, who is most likely to be accepted there (so students can see if this fits them).  The book focuses on the interviews and the academics and leaves out the many other details that can get you in or out. While it serves the stellar candidate well, I think the student who wonders if they have what it takes will finish the book still wondering.

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  1. As a Blue and Gold Officer for 17 years and a member of a Senator’s Service Academy Selection Board for ten, those who do succeed both in getting admitted and graduating are those who can demonstrate throughout the process that they are well informed, have taken the time to understand the process of admission and what it means to be part of a service academy and ultimately a junior officer. Those candidates for whom it is a passion and are driven, success is much more likely.


    • Hi John, this was my experience also with my daughter. USNA was looking for more than great grades and varsity sports. As in life, that’s not what makes a successful career and I applaud the Navy for seeing beyond those superficial markers.


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