Posted by: Jacqui Murray | December 8, 2009

What Are Blogs Discussing That NBC Isn’t

Pew Research reports that blogs are filled with discussion on the US Navy SEALs being court martialed–although mainstream (and I use that word tongue-in-cheek) media has ignored it. Read on:

Blogs Find Fox News Story on SEALs

December 3, 2009

A story that has generated little attention in the mainstream media was the most popular subject among bloggers last week.

From Nov. 23-27, 40% of the links in blogs were to a Nov. 24 Fox News report about the pending court martial of three Navy SEALs who captured a wanted terrorist in Iraq, according to the New Media Index from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Many commentators, who tilted conservative, expressed outrage that the men are being prosecuted for an alleged assault against Ahmed Hashim Abed, the reputed mastermind behind the 2004 killing of four Blackwater contractors. Some of them blamed President Obama for allowing the case to proceed.

Until this week, Iraq had been largely absent from the news — among both new and traditional outlets. So far in 2009, it has not appeared at all among the top five weekly subjects in the blogosphere, and in the mainstream press Iraq has accounted for less than 2% of the total news coverage, according to PEJ’s News Coverage Index. Even last week, virtually all the online commentary on the court martial case linked to one report on, with few other mainstream media outlets doing independent reporting on the story. (more)




  1. I’m aware that the Navy considers the identity of Navy SEALs to be ‘sensiitive’ information. Was anything done to that person(s) who released the names of the three Navy SEALs wrongfully charged in that incident? Have those three heroes been returned to their Team, or are they now effectively out of the War on Terror? If they’re out, then the enemy has won that battle! What is happening to our country? Where’s our testicular fortitude?

    • I did a quick search after I got your comment. They were all acquitted, but I don’t know what happened next. I seem to remember that they retired. Anyone know? Yes, it is our loss. How easy it was for the enemy to get rid of our best soldiers. PC gone wild, again.

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