Posted by: Jacqui Murray | September 2, 2009

Is College About Making Money?

You can certainly make that case. College grads earn over 30% more than high school grads,
2005 Study by College Board

2005 Study by College Board


and are half as likely to be unemployed.
college3…but in these dark times, is that reason enough?
Once you earn money, you realize money is most relevant when you don’t have it.
How about a sense of accomplishment you get from finishing what you started, the satisfaction that you fought the good fight and won. The knowledge, wisdom, depth of understanding you absorb for the world around you. That is yours forever and you take it to every experience life hands you. It doesn’t come from working; it comes from visiting the world delivered only through education.
But lets go back to that money issue. It’s usually the first reason students go to college. Should it be the barometer than measures the success of this particular investment?
This article compares cost vs. money earned and seems to conclude money is winning.

In a recession, is college worth it? Fear of debt changes plans

Darla Horn, 26, acknowledges she didn’t give much thought to the cost of college when she enrolled at State University of New York in Purchase.

“My plans were to get out of Texas, and college became incidental,” says Horn, who grew up in Nacogdoches, a city of about 32,000 near the Louisiana border. Because she didn’t qualify for financial aid, she took out student loans, graduating in 2005 with a double major in journalism and anthropology and more than $80,000 in debt.

CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS: Does it pay to go to college?

Her loan payments were manageable until this year, when she lost her job as an information technology recruiter earning about $100,000 a year. Currently self-employed, she’s behind on her loan payments. In April, she organized an exhibition in Long Island that featured artwork by graduates who are trying to raise money to pay their student loans.

“To this day, I have yet to see the complete value of my education,” Horn says.

If your goal is money, you might rethink college. If it’s your own and the world’s success, stand on the shoulders of giants and reach up.




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