Posted by: Jacqui Murray | August 24, 2009

Top Ten Books About the Military

warrior2There are many great books out there about the military, which makes this a difficult list. Still, I manned up and came up with my top ten. Let me know if you agree:

I know I know–there are more than ten. I edited it based on reader comments. I’ll republish soon.

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  1. Good afternoon once again,

    Let me start of by saying my brother bought me the book Warrior Elite last week. This book( which I have read 4 times in the past week) is the reason that I want to attend the Naval Academy. It truly shows how “elite” hence the name of the book, the Navy SEALS are.

    John Guerra

    • Great book. Dick Couch is a wonderful military writer. He did a similar book about Army Rangers, but I like the Navy SEALs better. Another good book is Warrior Spirit by Chuck Pfarrer.

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