Posted by: Jacqui Murray | July 20, 2009

Checklist: Scholastic Qualifications

Start by reading this post for a general overview of the critical USNA pre-acceptance requirements.

Now let’s talk about scholastic qualifications. Those who are accepted don’t necessarily have 4.8 GPA with a 2400 SAT. I’m not sure satthe Academy even wants that (which isn’t to say they reject that person). Usually, to score that high means you put everything else aside to focus on grades. That’s not the Navy way.

The new typical American soldier

The new typical American soldier

You do, however, have to take the most difficult classes available at your school, be it AP or IB or Honors. You must show the Admissions Board that you have the cerebral engine and the guts to challenge yourself. And you’re pushing your scholastic limits while you engage your physical being and as many other activities as possible. They want a multi-tasker who always rises to the challenge. You want proof? 85% of the Class of 2012 exceleld at public speaking/debate/dramatics. How many other Ivy League schools can say that?

Read Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton, about the American battle in Afghanistan. You’ll see why we need well-rounded quick-thinkers more than book-smart soldiers.

One more checklist tomorrow. The third basic requirement: Medical.

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