Posted by: Jacqui Murray | January 12, 2010

Fair Winds and Following Seas, USS Bunker Hill

On January 8th at 0400, the USS Bunker Hill deployed from San Diego California for parts unknown. Take care of your sailors, CG52. You are in our prayers.



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  1. Not currently but I like to keep an eye on her. Our Navy League Council sponsored her commissioning in Boston in 1986. I was Treasurer on the Commissioning Committee. Unfortunately, she’s a West Coast ship and hasn’t been back. Since then, we’ve commissioned RAMAGE, PREBLE and SAMPSON.

    • The Bunker Hill deployed for parts unknown as of Sunday. My daughter’s ship, so I’m keeping an eye on the news. For a while, we were afraid she’d be transferred to Yokosuka, but turned out to be a rumor.

      USS Preble is out of San Diego, too. My daughter’s roommate serves on it. A destroyer, I believe. I’m not familiar with RAMAGE or SAMPSON.

  2. My son is a Petty Officer on the Bunker Hill. I’m proud of their efforts. Thanks for keeping them in your thoughts and prayers

    • I’m sure you feel as I do as they do their part to help out in Haiti. He and his shipmates are an important part of the Navy’s relief effort there. Thanks for raising such a great child.

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